The Miracles Of Capital
By Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

3 days / intensive talks / accelerated learning
The Miracles Of Capital Program


MOC stands for “Miracles of Capital“. MOC is a life changing entrepreneurial program, which acts as a private platform bridging and creating successful and bankable business possibilities for investors and entrepreneurs. We aspire to be a leading global investment and incubation platform, unlocking values in people and propelling growth in enterprise.

MOC Club

As our MOC graduates, you are automatically enrolled into the MOC club for life.
Where you will get values and benefits including;

1. Access To International Network
– 4,500+ Moc Alumni
– Angel Investors
– Entrepreneurs
– Founders/co-Founders
– Other Specialised Platforms

2. Access To Capital & Investment Opportunities
– Venture Capital Funds
– Private Equity Deals

3. Leverage On Corporate & Business Advisory Services

4. Fundraising Roadshows Opportunities

5. Lifetime Access To Moc (Worldwide)

6. Digital Learning Experience

7. Graduates Support & Access To Mentors

Our International Network

The most valuable access one can get is being part of the MOC Community which we are building around the world – where this is the melting pot of cross-cultural workplace, international business relations, diverse business experience, cross-border exposure and so forth.

Corporate & Business Advisory Services

This is where you prepare the work plan to get your company to be “IPO-ready”. Early preparation of private companies a year or two before listing helps in getting better shareholder value; makes the company attractive to employees, customers and business partners; enables timing a suitable entry point; and in ensuring success as a public company when listed.

Capital & Investment Opportunities

Nobody trusts their money with strangers unless they have spent some time with you building relationships together.

Fundraising Roadshow

The “Investor” Roadshow is the most effective way to get investors to notice you. This is where you will receive lots of opportunities to practice your pitch in front of real-investors.

Access to MOC & Digital Learning Experience

As an MOC Alumni, you will get to “Recourse” at a fraction of the price, anywhere in the world and a 1-year access to learn online from our digital library.

Graduates Support & Access to Mentors

Here is also where you will get support from one another and from seniors who have “cleared” the path for you so that, you make less mistakes, waste fewer resources and get to IPO faster.

Previous MOC Events

Check out the gallery from our previous events and programs in many different countries. We have reached South Africa, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, India, Macau, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Poland, Australia and China,


Dr. Wong Jeh Shyan

“Everything happens twice;
Once in your mind,
the second time in reality.“

Dr Wong Jeh Shyan graduated with B.A.(A.S.) and B. Arch. and subsequently pursued further studies at Nanyang Technological University’s Centre for Advanced Construction Studies (Singapore). He has worked on hospital, education and tertiary institution projects before opting for international posting on hotel and commercial projects. He focused on international construction management and project finance, thereby networking extensively in China, Pakistan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore.

Dr. Wong serves as a Consulting Partner in CNSG Consulting Group, and holds directorship with indirect interest in more than ten private equity and venture capital firms in China, Singapore, Malaysia and South Africa. The group takes on projects mostly within ASEAN and China. Together they changed the consulting group into private equity consultants and also to create a financial platform to “project manage” leveraged buy-outs, corporate raids and reverse take-overs.

He currently advises multiple startups and investment groups. Dr Wong specialises in corporate structuring and turn-around such as revenue streams development and cashflow management.
His forte includes sophisticated financial modelling and business modelling. He is also well known for his aggressive merger and acquisition techniques and innovative financial engineering.

He often leads complicated cross national boundary pilot projects with a special focus on high risks catalyst or strategic ventures.

Dr Wong developed his signature 3-days Miracles of Capital (MOC) programme to educate business owners on capital mechanism. This programme has a track record since 2008; completed more than 240 classes, produced more than 4,500 students in more than 15 countries.

Dr Wong is the current CEO of MOC Capital Berhad with the aim to build one of the fastest growing investment portfolio in the South East Asia region. Together with Precession, Dr Wong is keen to support the native speaking business owners in Malaysia and Indonesia.


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

MOC Capital Berhad ‘The Killing Moon, Incubator…’

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